Chinese New Year Celebration with performing student troupe from Beijing

Westinghouse College Prep High School hosted the Chinese New Year celebration with well received performance by a Student Performing Art Troupe from Beijing, China on Feb. 11 at its auditorium. More than 500 students from nine CPS schools (Westinghouse, Jones, Lane Tech, Disney II, Goode, Bell, Calmeca, Mitchell and Solomon) attended the event. 

Renmin Fuzhong (RDFZ ), a high school affiliated with Renmin University in Beijing, is one of the most prestigious high schools in the city and its student performing art troupe is a highly acclaimed, award winning troupe. They came to CPS three years in a row and had performed at Walter Payton and Whitney Young respectively in the past two years. 

This year, they brought with them a variety of performances, from chamber music, dance, singing to martial arts. Their talented and high caliber performances received enthusiastic applauses from the CPS students.

Liu Jun, Deputy Consul General of the Chinese Consulate-General of PRC in Chicago, Consul Chen Hao and Huang Zhangying attended the event. Patrick McGill, the Westinghouse Principal, made opening remarks. Jane Lu and Liu Jun also delivered speeches.

The key message, besides wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year—the Year of the Monkey, is to encourage the cultural exchange between students in China and the U.S. and through such activities, enhance the understanding and friendship among the students, and consequently, among the peoples in the two countries.

CIC plays an important role in organizing events like this and providing opportunities for students from both countries to interact, make friends, and learn from one another about their respective language and culture.

The CPS students, their parents and teachers who attended the performance were all amazed by the high quality and walked away not only entertained but inspired.

The performance was aired on CCTV as part of the Chinese New Year celebration in Chicago. Please click the link to take a look. Enjoy and Happy Year of the Monkey!