Confucius Institute in Chicago brought Chinese paper-cutting artist to students at CPS

Paper-cutting is a folk art that has enjoyed a long history in China. In an effort to enrich the experience of students who are learning Chinese at CPS, CIC, working with the Chicago Chinese Cultural Institute, brought Guo Meihua, a well-known paper-cutting artist from China, to classrooms at 21 schools from Oct. 26 to Nov. 6.

"CPS students love to learn Chinese culture with hands-on activities," said Jane Lu, director of CIC. "Chinese paper-cutting is one of the most popular programs."

With one pair of scissors, Ms. Guo was able to turn a piece of paper to vivid flowers, birds, mountains, and rivers. From simple patterns to finer works, Guo was able to demonstrate and teach students to create artwork of their own.

Students at various grades were mesmerized. Not only did they learn the basic techniques of paper-cutting, but also the art form and tradition in China—achieving all these while having fun.

Guo was born in Shanxi and learned paper-cutting at a young age. Today she has her own studio and some of her work had been collected by several museums in China. She even held an exhibition of her work at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York City in 2014.

Over the years, CIC has been instrumental in bringing masters of arts in different areas to CPS, including well-known calligraphers, Taichi masters, kite-makers, painters, etc. and will continue to play a pivotal role in introducing Chinese culture to students at CPS.

Various Chicago media reported the recent paper-cutting workshops at various CPS schools, including Sinovision, the China Press, the World Journal and Sing Tao Daily. Please click each of the names of the outlets above to view or read details. Enjoy.